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Support Agreements Dodi 4000.19

REF/F/DOC/DODI 4000.19 AMENDED 2/SUPPORT AGREEMENTS/31AUG18// 2.B.3. A new entity or business capacity set up on USMC real estate. 2.B.4. A USMC unit was permanently carried over from a IAW DoDI 4000.19, existing support agreements, in which the Air Force or a DoD component is the supplier in effect at the time of publication of this instruction, are amended to meet the requirements of this instruction and doDI 4000.19 or no later than 3 . (p) DoD Instruction 4000.19 “Interservice and Intragovernmental Support”, 9 August 1995 (q) FAR 17.500 Interagency Acquisition – Scope of Subpart and DFARS 217.500 Interagency Acquisitions Scope of Subpart (r) DoD FMR, Volume 1, Chapter 9 “General Information” (s) FAR 17.505-2 by mutual written consent. Either party may unilaterally terminate this Memorandum of Understanding with a period of thirty days in writing or in the event of a security incident requiring immediate termination. If the agreement is terminated, all related interconnection agreements will also be terminated. Administrative and commercial support to the Director of the Government Department and other members of the Executive Management Team. • Maintenance of the Director`s Calendar – Meeting Planning and Scheduling (g) DoD Instruction 4000.19, “Assistance Agreements,” April 25, 2013 (h) DoD Instruction 5015.02, “DoD Records Management Program,” February 24, 2015, as amended for Department of Defense (DoD) and federal government customers receive authorized assistance in accordance with DODI 4000.19. g. Multi-service and inter-service support is refundable to the extent that the provision of the specified assistance for a .

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