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Subject Verb Agreement Grade Up

As we know, the subject and the verb are the essential parts of a sentence. It is essential that the verb in number and person corresponds to the subject. Here, therefore, we provide you with important rules of subject-verb compliance. Note – In the case of “many”, the verb and the noun plural should be rule 6: the verb is used in singular form when two singular nouns refer to the same person as the one designated in an article. Rule 2: If two or more subjects are connected by “not only, but also ni-ni-ni-ni-but”, then the verb is used according to the nearest subject. Rule 5: In a compound sentence, auxiliary signs and main signs should be mentioned separately when they differ in number, shape or voice. In such cases, a verb cannot act for both sentences. Rule 4: The expression “much a/year, more than one” must be followed by a singular noun and a singular verbage. Welcome to Online English in AffairsCloud.com…

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