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Moira Service Agreement

Participants are asked to confirm that the invoice received relates to services or supplies provided and can confirm this either by e-mail or oral authorization. Moira offers legal advice for Spinal Injuries Scotland, BIRT at Graham Anderson House in Glasgow and Huntercombe Neurodisability. MOIRA is a non-profit charitable organization that supports people with disabilities, youth in crisis, their families and caregivers. We address individual needs and work creatively and constructively with people to provide services that create opportunities for personal independence. Plan Management assists participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by financially managing their rights and payments under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This service takes care of supplier payments and communication, so you`ll have more time for yourself to do the things you want to do. If you receive help with your financial management, please contact MOIRA on 1300 666 472 or email fpmengagement@moira.org.au. When MOIRA Financial Plan Management receives invoices directly from service providers, we always ask for protection and control authorization for subscribers and suppliers with whom we work. Selection and control are essential for the NDIS model and, by adding a level of approval, the financial plan management ensures that participants have control over their support and expenses. If you need help with this registration, please contact fpmengagement@moira.org.au or call the team on 1300 666 472 for help. Everything has been designed to allow users of this service to become more independent.

Plan management services are directly burdened by a participant`s NDIS plan and, in accordance with the NDIS price guide, in the assistance category: capacity building – Improved lifestyle choices and positions indicated. MOIRA is a values- and mission-driven non-profit organization known for its personal and sensitive customer service. We make sure NDIS invoices are paid quickly and accurately so you can focus on delivering the service. Outside of work, Moira is happiest when he puts a pair of Wellies to tackle the vegetable garden or to wander around Dartmoor and the South West Coastal Path (and pubs en route!). Submission without downloading your NDIS plan can stagnate the registration process and our support. MOIRA`s registration process was designed to be quick and simple. Moira is co-author of a publication entitled “Claiming Compensation after Head Injury in Scotland” for Headway and is a lawyer appointed to the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) UK Directory of Legal Services. She is President of Complex Injury Network Scotland. 3. Start by sending MOIRA Your NDIS invoices for payment Moira is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in the law of personal injury. In addition, she is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) as principal Litigator and as Brain Injury Specialist and Cord Velvet Injury Specialist. Do you register for yourself or on behalf of an NDIS participant? Moira is a litigation partner in the serious injury department.

She has a specialized interest in bodily harm with brain and vertebral injuries and amputation requests.

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