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Melania Nuptial Agreement

But a new book by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan, a copy of which was received before publication, says another reason for Melania`s delay in entering the White House was a renegotiation of her pre-marital financial agreement. While the details of their prenup are secret, the subject of their agreement is supposed to be a source of fascination in legal circles. Trump`s agreement with his second wife, Marla Maples, prevents him from publishing a book or giving interviews that criticize him. Stambleck: It`s unusual. One of the main reasons for a prenupe is that you don`t just protect the riches, you also try to clean it up and stay away from the press. In New York State, trying to overturn a marriage agreement is a very significant obstacle. Mrs. Trump then took advantage of her marriage, the president`s longest-running relationship, and her new prestige as first lady, to review her original marriage arrangement, which was not particularly generous, according to the book. Melania Trump delayed the time to come to the White House after her husband Donald Trump won the 2016 election because she renegotiated her marital deal, as a new book claims. Kretchmar: Without speculating on a particular case, it is certainly true that spouses during their marriage can change the terms of an existing marriage agreement in response to a material event.

is executed in a document called a post-uptial agreement. Sometimes post-nupes are used as a stop for a possible divorce. In other cases, it is generally only a revision or refinement of existing rights in light of a change in the living conditions of the spouses. Newman: It`s very difficult to topple a prenup in New York. The only thing she could possibly try to argue – and I`m not sure I can do it – is that when she made the deal, she didn`t expect him to become president (assuming he wasn`t discussed as a possibility at the time). Therefore, it would not be fair and reasonable for her to forego sped assistance at that time, since there is now more expenses to be expected for her as first lady, especially if she divorces him when he is in office.

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