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Victoria Bc Rental Agreement

(3) If the lessor and tenant have not entered into a new lease on the date indicated at the end of a fixed-term tenancy agreement that does not require the tenant to evacuate the tenancy unit on that date, the lessor and tenant are deemed renewed. 2. The employer may terminate a worker`s lease for a rental unit that the employer leases or makes available to the employer for the duration of the employment by indicating the termination of the lease at the end of the employment. (a) on or after the date or day the tenant ceases to occupy the rental unit, or 26 (1) A tenant must pay the rent if he is due under the tenancy agreement, whether or not the landlord complies with the rental act, regulations or tenancy agreement, unless the tenant has the right, under this Act , deduct all or part of the rent. 4. If a landlord enters the rental unit illegally or is likely to enter the rental unit, the tenant may make a dispute claim under the lease act to ask the manager to change the locks, keys or other access routes to the rental unit and prohibit the occupier from accessing the rental unit. At the end of the lease, the tenant must give the landlord the key to the rental unit. The lease agreement is considered to be a clause prohibiting or limiting the smoking of cannabis in the same way that tobacco is prohibited or restricted. (3) A landlord who is an individual may terminate a lease agreement in relation to a rental unit if the owner or a close family member of the lessor intends, in good faith, to occupy the rental unit. (ii) the purchaser is a family business and a person holding shares in the voting company or a close family member intends to occupy the rental unit in good faith. 5. A lessor`s obligations under paragraph 1, period (a) apply regardless of whether or not a tenant was aware of the lessor`s breach of this subsection at the time the lease was concluded.

(a) the lessor enters into an agreement to sell the rental unit in good faith, (a) authorizes the tenant to change the locks, keys or other means permitting access to the rental unit and (4) where a lessor has the right to claim damages from a surviving tenant under paragraph 3 above and a new tenant asks the tenant for his right to own or occupy the rental unit. The landlord may request the addition of the tenant as a party to the proceedings. (3) If the tenant does not enter into a lease agreement on the rental unit that underwent the renovation or repair work on the date or before the availability date, the tenant no longer has rights to the rental unit. 70 (1) The director may, by order, suspend a landlord`s right to enter a rental unit in accordance with Section 29 or set conditions. Leases must comply with the residential lease agreement (external link) and the rental price law (external link). (f) a statement on the condition of the repair and the general condition of each room in the rental unit, including, but not limited to the following: “Maintain the tenant” a tenant who continues to rent an apartment after the end of the lease. (ii) exercises powers and obligations under this Act, lease or service contract; (e) that personal property seized or received by a lessor must be returned outside of this law or a rental agreement; (m) to respect the return of trust funds collected in accordance with Section 65, paragraph 1, point a), [decisions of the Director: violation of the law, regulations or leases], including the requirement of the circumstances under which interest must be paid to trust funds and how such interest should be calculated; (3) A term of a tenancy agreement is unenforceable if 12 The standard terms of any tenancy agreement are (i) the lessor has entered into a tenancy agreement, at the expiry of an existing tenancy agreement which involves an obligation to evict the rental unit, with a new tenant for the rental unit or (f) the tenant or a person approved by the tenant on the residential property has caused exceptional damage to a unit or dwelling a property

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