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Civ Iv Research Agreement

In terms of media use, the match between subordinate and higher relationships was moderate and therefore higher than for other health behaviours (excluding organized physical activity). It was also higher than the agreement reported in previous studies [9,12]. Budgetary rules governing children`s use of the media may be the result of greater agreement between these behaviours. Consistent with previous results, we found that children tended to report more media use than their parents [4,12]. In addition, the likelihood that the child report would indicate a higher use of the mobile phone than the parent ratio was higher if the parental relationship was completed by the mother (not the father). The possible reasons for these results are that parents (especially mothers) respond in a more socially desirable way [4] and/or do not know how much time their children spend in front of a screen (. B for example, because children have their own multimedia equipment and use them without their parents` knowledge). The agreement between children`s and parents` reactions to the different health behaviours assessed in this study varied between mild and moderate. With respect to diet, the observed match was slight to fair, consistent with previous findings [5-7]. Support for potato consumption was particularly low, with parents (particularly mothers) reporting higher consumption than children reported. For white bread consumption, consent was higher between parents and children when parental relationships were established by fathers, indicating that fathers are more aware of the frequency with which their children consume this food. One reason may be that children eat white bread more often with their fathers than with their mothers. We also found that cases where the child reported higher consumption of unhealthy foods (unhealthy snacks and fried potatoes) than their parents were more common in men than in women.

One possible reason is that girls are more biased than boys [55]. However, overall, it was not possible to establish a clear blueprint as to the nature of the agreement. These findings may indicate that children and parents have difficulty appreciating and remembering what they are eating. For parents, estimating may be particularly difficult, as they may not always know what their children eat at school. It can be difficult for children to assess which foods belong to a certain food group (for example. B which foods should be considered potatoes). The match between the ratios of children and parents varied between low to near-perfect ratios, most matches for school grades and organized physical activity, and the lowest in cases of dizziness, sleep duration and potato consumption. The sex of the children did not have a significant effect on the agreement between the parent and the child. On the other hand, the results suggest that the sex of the parents had some influence on the levels of concordance, with greater consent to certain psychosomatic conditions when parental relationships were finalized by the mother and greater consent to the consumption of white bread when they were completed by the father. For some questionnaires (particularly those involving behavioural difficulties and psychosomatic disorders, but also the consumption of individual foods and the use of mobile phones), the nature of the agreement (dis-) varied between children or parents.

With respect to the differences between mothers and fathers, our results show that consent between parent and child for psychosomatic disorders was higher than what was concluded by the child`s mother and not by the father (at least because of nervousness and back pain). In addition, the likelihood that the child reported a higher level of psychosomatic problems than his or her parent was higher if the parental relationship was completed by the father. One could speculate on the fact that psycho-disorders

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