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Best Western Franchise Agreement

If you are looking for the independence of the company and the freedom to determine the strategic growth of your own business, the investment in a Best Western franchise is gone. If you want to invest in a Best Western franchise, the initial cost is $47,098, the total royalty is $421,319 and the total cost of booking is $225,453. The cost of a Best Western franchise is low when you consider industry standards – about one-third to half the hotel franchise costs of other major accommodation chains. The hotel franchise generally add up as one of the most profitable franchise types on the market. A recent study by Knight Frank indicated that, although growth has been slower in 2018, the number of room openings in the hotel sector has not slowed and that the stronger global economy, combined with the competitive value of sterling, is still boosting inbound tourism. Best Western offers more than 400,000 hotel guests every night and can help franchisees develop a global loyalty program of more than 38 million members. With Best Western`s advantage in its distribution platform – sales, marketing and revenue management services to ensure maximum overall engagement and optimized performance – and 24-hour customer booking centers around the world, franchisees can get an average ROI of 10:1. If a business relationship is like a franchise relationship, there is a good argument and a good chance that it is a franchise subject to government and federal franchise rules and regulations. These rules and rules are intended to benefit franchisees and may be invoked when the franchisee is mistreated by the franchisor or the business relationship is wrongly broken. Although start-up costs are often significant, there is potential for seven-figure revenue and investment in a recognized and trustworthy hotel brand can greatly benefit the franchise.

(3) a “franchise” paid by the franchisee in the form of “entry fees” and “annual contributions” to Best Western. The judge then found that Twin City had sufficiently argued in the case of an offence based on the non-registration of Best Western and termination without necessary notice or for good reason.

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